Chez Interactive unveils iPhone App to Measure Exercise Technique

Chez Interactive ( announces an iPhone
application which assists practising exercise technique to maximize
muscle growth and fat loss. ‘RepTrainer’ is the only application
available on the App Store to date which monitors the effectiveness of
each movement performed while working out, a shortcoming of most
fitness applications available.

"We wanted to develop an app that actually responded to the way the
user was moving," said Adrian Ciaschetti, Chez Interactive’s managing
director. "Given the powerful functionality of the iPhone, I was
surprised nothing like this was done before."

RepTrainer improves the effectiveness of an individual’s workout by
analysing each repetition and providing personal trainer feedback on
the fly. Through the use of the armband, the iPhone’s accelerometer
detects the speed in which an individual moves during an exercise, and
alerts them of improper speed accordingly. The individual is also
permitted to change the duration settings to target different muscular
adaptations.RepTrainer is available globally on the AppStore for USD 0.99 cents.

Chez Interactive is an Australian-based information technology company.
Innovation is the core foundation of which the company is built upon,
allowing for the development of quality solutions that transform the
relationship between people and technology. Visit for more information.


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