Face Recognition Product : STARFace for Enhanced Security Applications From STAR Technologies

STAR Technologies LLC, a DSCI Company,
announces the release of the STARFace Software Development Kit (SDK)
that facilitates building custom biometrics solutions employing face
recognition. The unique STARFace algorithms provide superior
performance in non-cooperative and uncontrolled environments especially
at large stand-off distances. This makes STARFace especially suited
for applications such as proactive surveillance, perimeter security,
border control, physical access control, and security at public spaces
such as airports. The unique STARFace technology is extensible for
detection, tracking and recognition of any object or target of interest
in an image or video stream.

“We are proud that our dedicated and talented
Research and Development Team has created a product based on STAR’s
innovative patent-pending technology which is designed for biometric
identification in uncontrolled settings,” says Dr. Christine Podilchuk,
Director of Biometrics and Analytics at STAR Technologies. “We provide
the best-in-class biometric identification solutions for stand-off,
surveillance and other real world applications for our customers.”

STAR Technologies LLC, a DSCI company, develops
cutting edge security products and provides unparalleled support
services to the Department of Defense (DoD) customers. STAR
Technologies is a recognized leader in Information Assurance (IA) and
delivers high quality IA system engineering, certification,
accreditation, technical services and programmatic support.


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