CM4 Unveils Their Gaming Product

Premium experience brand CM4 made their first product unveiling, as part of the 2010 CES conference in Las Vegas.
CM4 makes their debut in the gaming industry by designing premium
products that enhance the user experience. With a mission to expand and
evolve the devices that consumers use to organize, communicate, and
entertain, they believe in actually using the products they design, and
have extremely high expectations of what they own and use as both
designers and consumers. CM4 offers high quality, distinct design, and
superior functionality as an alternative to cheap products that are
merchandised and marketed at the consumer, rather than designed for

CM4’s first line of products is the Catalyst line, a soft case
platform for controllers and portables. These products offer protection
combined with style to enhance and add confidence to game play. Along
with their seductive design, Catalyst covers are made from carefully
chosen materials that improve comfort and grip, while seamlessly
integrating into contemporary lifestyles. Catalyst covers are available
for Wii Remote with MotionPlus and Nintendo Pocket Case for Nintendo
DSi, while Catalyst Slim Covers are offered for Nintendo DSi and Sony

With a strong focus on design, function, innovation, and quality,
each product in the Catalyst line offers consumers a true upgrade from
the standard platform of controllers and accessories. Catalyst covers
for Wii with MotionPlus have a concealed back zipper for easy battery
removal, among their other features. The Catalyst Pocket Case for
Nintendo DS has a built in hidden pocket that accommodates two game
cartridges and one extra stylus without hindering game play. Finally,
the Catalyst Slim Covers for Nintendo DSi and Sony PSPgo are sleek
fabric-wrapped aluminum covers that make consoles playable within the
cover and compliment on-the-go lifestyles.

In 2010, CM4 will launch a line of premium controllers that will
change the paradigm of current cheap plastic offerings from third party
brands. Inspired by the refinement and sophistication of luxury and
performance auto interiors, these devices are the control surfaces –
the cockpit for an elevated gaming experience.


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