ACCTivate! Canada for QuickBooks released

ACCTivate! Canada brings robust functionality that will enable small and midsized Canadian QuickBooks users to control inventory, manage business operations and satisfy customers.

Designed for QuickBooks, ACCTivate! Canada enhances the capabilities of QuickBooks Canada 2010 with inventory management, warehousing, purchasing, bar cording, mobile computing, picking and shipping, CRM, EDI, sales order management, service management, decision support and reporting — the same robust feature set that has solved QuickBooks small business users’ inventory control and business management needs since 2003 in its parent product.

“For ten years, ACCTivate! has given growing businesses the tools necessary to gain a competitive advantage and effectively and efficiently manage their business,” Ron Souder, Alterity CEO and Founder said. Souder continued, “We have had many inquiries from small and mid-sized businesses in Canada interested in ACCTivate!. We are excited to bring the benefits and capabilities of our inventory control and business management solution to the Canadian market.”

ACCTivate! Canada follows recent international releases of ACCTivate!, including ACCTivate! South Africa and ACCTivate! UK, which are currently being marketed in Sub-Saharan Africa and the United Kingdom.

ACCTivate! is a feature-rich inventory solution designed for QuickBooks that enables companies to gain control of their business and manage everything from inventory to customer service management – all delivered in an interactive interface complete with robust reporting and a dashboard for turning data into information


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