Sony launch its TransferJet Technology In Japan

The first system compatible with wireless technology developed by Sony TransferJet is a Memory Stick 8GB launched in Japan.

Technology TransferJet is a transfer mode wireless originally developed by Sony before being supported by a promotional group, the TransferJet Consortium. His idea is to propose a mechanism of transfer at very short range (few centimeters) but with very large flows (between 375 and 560 Mbps), interesting to share large files like photos or videos from an NPC and a device storage or computer.

TransferJet specification was finalized as early as May 2009, it no longer expected that the first compatible devices. This is done with the announcement by Sony in Japan to a Memory Stick Pro Duo 8GB capable of transforming equipment compatible systems communicating TransferJet.

It helps to imagine scenarios in which files of a digital camera are transferred automatically to another device (another NPC, media center, computer) through casual contact, avoiding having to use cables or to confront a difficult pairing system.

The difficulty now is to accept the wireless technology in electronics equipment. Sony can count on several manufacturers within the consortium TransferJet but they are mainly from Japan.

The wireless system will TransferJet he spread beyond the Archipelago nippon? In recent years, Sony has not met with success as trying to impose its own technology, beginning with the Memory Stick format itself, or the UMD disc format for the PSP.


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