Doodle Puzzle 1.0.1 released by Juan Pablo Re

Juan Pablo Re, the developer of Doodle Puzzle, has released the latest version of his simple yet complex app. This new type of sliding puzzle is similar in basic concept to a Rubix cube but involves sequential numbering. With one hundred playing levels and five degrees of difficulty, Doodle Puzzle is the most unique and challenging app on the market these days, making it perfect for die-hard puzzle addicts.

Doodle Puzzle was inspired by and is sometimes compared to the Rubix cube. Rather than twisting around blocks of color however, Doodle Puzzle requires the reordering of numbers within the rectangular iPhone screen, until they are in correct sequential order. To make the game extra challenging, only the blue squares can be moved around a fixed block of grey squares that already contain some of the numbers.

The gameplay may sound simple but it has a potential for complexity that can be frustrating for those who don’t love a good challenge. Doodle Puzzle is played by sliding tiles into place making the fewest moves possible. The game provides a counter so that players can keep track and try to lessen the number through practice.

This app has an impressive one hundred playing levels to keep even pro puzzlers busy for a good, long time. Each time a user solves a puzzle, they are taken to the next, harder level. There are five stages of difficulty ranging from easy to hardest. Though it isn’t advertised by the developer, Doodle Puzzle should prove to be a good exercise for the brain. What the developer does mention is the extreme addictiveness of Doodle Puzzle. A feature rich app which provides plenty of challenge can have that effect on players.


  • 5 dificulty levels
  • 100 levels to play
  • Offline and online leaderboards
  • Location aware scores
  • Awards* Friends lists
  • Facebook integration
  • Twitter integration

Users can share their scores, games and number of moves with their Facebook and Twitter buddies, thanks to the integrated software. There are also offline and online leaderboards to help players keep track of how their doing, improve their scores and challenge others.

About Doodle Puzzle:
Doodle puzzle and Doodle Puzzle Free are challenging and fun sliding puzzle games. The logic is inspired by the Rubik’s cube but the purpose of the game is to arrange all the blue cards around anchored grey ones to win. Doodle Puzzle hooks users from the first win.

Device Requirements:

  • iPhone or iPod Touch 3.0 or later

Pricing and Availability:
Doodle Puzzle 1.0.1 is only $0.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. Promo codes are available for qualified reviewers. Please specify the website or blog you represent when making your request.


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