iUseMac to offer 75% discount on Mac Notepad

iUseMac will be featuring Mac Notepad for 75% on Friday January 22th and Saturday June 23th. iUseMac offers popular Mac applications at reduced prices for limited time periods. This offer ends Friday night at Midnight Central Time. This offer will start on Friday January 22th at 00:00AM and will end 48 hours later.

Mac Notepad let you store any piece of text right at your fingertips thanks to Mac Notepad. Mac Notepad is the "missing notepad application" you’ve been waiting for. Designed from the ground up to support the latest Apple technologies, Mac Notepad allows you to save, copy, paste and organize all your favorite snippets with ease. You can drag the text from other applications, drop a text file from Finder or, of course, write it yourself.

Mac Notepad is a great tool to boost your productivity and creative output by not letting those great thoughts and ideas just slip away. You can assign a title and category to each note. Notes are easily retrieved by category or content by simply typing the text in a search field. Notes can be edited at will and text can be customized with a choice of fonts, styles and colors. If you need a hard copy, go to the "Print" function in the menu.

Recents menu:
A handy Recents Menu keeps track of your latest edited notes.

Iconized search window:
Mac Notepad sports the brand new Iconize feature. Just click and your notepad becomes a small, handy window that floats on top of all other windows. To access the note again, just click on the icon or make a search in the search box.

Password protection:
The unique privacy feature of Mac Notepad allows you to protect your personal notes with a password. If this option is selected, a password dialog box will be displayed when the Mac Notepad database opens.

What’s new in version 8.0:

  • Many user interface improvements.
  • New mail note feature.
  • New categories source list.
  • Multiple selection of notes.
  • Drag and drop to export notes. Dragging notes to a folder will export the selected notes into the folder.
  • Drag and drop to import notes. Dropping a folder onto the source notes list will import all files contained in the folder.
  • New import and export formats. Supported formats now are: Plain text, Styled Text (Simple Text), RTF, HTML, Open Office .odt, Word .docx, Word XML .xml, Word (97- 2004) .doc

System Requirements:
Mac Notepad is fully compatible with Mac OS X Tiger, Mac OS X Leopard and Mac OS X Snow Leopard and it is distributed as a Universal Binary and runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel Macs.


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