Solidata launches K5-64i SSD

The Solidata K5-64i was just made unveiled in Japan. This new K5-64i
SSD is a product obtained by reviving thre previous model from
Solidata-  K5-64RE.

Based on an original controller Indilinx supported by 64 MB of cache
and memory type NAND flash SLC (Single Level Cell, 1 bit per cell, 100
000 write cycles per cell) Intel signed, this disc SSD uses SATA

With a capacity of 64 GB, storage media displays internal performance
rather comfortable with up to 250MB / s read speed and up to 190 MB / s
write speed.

Side Rate it takes in around 260 euros. It remains now to find the SSD.
It is indeed not so sure that one day in Asia and we can get it here.


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