Four-screen Apple iTablet snapped

As the rumour mill for the expected launch on fever pitch, we’ve managed to grab
some exclusive pics of the new yet to be announced device here at

Yes, it might look like four iPhones stuck
together on close inspection of the pictures, but what you are looking
at above is actually really believed to be Apple’s latest gadget that
promises to revolutionise how we consume media like games, magazines,
newspapers, music and video in the home while saving virtually every
industry you know in the process.

The device, we understand,
will come with not one but four touchscreen displays that in total
measure up to around 8-inches in diagonal. The use of four screens will
allow users to multitask as users have never done before on Apple’s
other touchscreen device – the iPhone. The new iTablet will, you
guessed it, run four applications at the same time. Based on the
company’s Spaces offering in it’s operating system OS X you be able to
have one screen for video, one for email, one for Twitter and one for
websurfing for example. 

Apple iTablet

Those looking for an all out multimedia experience won’t be
disappointed either. With four 3.5mm headphone jacks and dual stereo
sound thanks to the four in-built speakers, you’ll be able to get the
party started with your friends no matter where you are.

to make sure business users aren’t left out in the cold as many believe
they have with the iPhone, the new device will allow you to
simultaneously conference call up to four people at a time says our
"sauce", however Apple has yet to confirm whether or not you’ll need
four mobile phone contracts to do this.

Shown to us by one of
our most trusted Apple "sauces", admittedly our time was brief with the
new device, and unfortunately we were only given enough time to grab a
couple of dirty shots.


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