Task Timer version 4.3 Released From BKeeney Software

BKeeney Software, Inc. is releasing a major update to its time
management software. Task Timer version 4.3 gives the user more
abilities to duplicate existing projects and tasks and allows for more
charting options. In version 4.3 of Task Timer a number of minor bugs
are fixed as well.

Task Timer is an easy-to-use project management tool that allows users
to track time spent on an unlimited number of projects and tasks. Users
can start and stop time via a status menu that is available even when
Task Timer is not the active application. Task Timer generates reports
using a specified data range, and users can easily view weekly, monthly
and yearly totals in unique chart settings. Task Timer conveniently
synchronizes data on each user’s computer with a database server, so it
even tracks time when users are away from the office. It even allows
multiple users to synchronize to a centralized database server.

Pricing and Availability:
Task Timer is the perfect time-management tool and may be purchased
online for $24.95 (USD). A free 14-day trial is also available online.
BKeeney Software products also include Slideshow Magic, a multimedia
production and presentation tool; a file management program called File
Sheriff; and Font Pilot, which allows users to manage fonts and preview
new fonts without installation.


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