Boris FX relased Boris Continuum Unit: Materials

Boris FX, the leading developer of integrated effects technology for video and film, announced that a new Boris Continuum Unit, Materials, is now available. The Boris Continuum Materials Unit includes 15 Boris Continuum Complete filters for creating realistic surfaces and animated organic backgrounds.

The Boris Continuum Materials Unit generates realistic textures such as Steel Plates, Bricks, Clouds, Granite, Wooden Planks, and Rock. The textures are procedurally-generated to ensure smooth render at any scale. Each filter provides a variety of animation parameters including controls for the color, width, height, and other aspects of the material. Many of the filters allow users to add 3D detail and lighting to the material surface. Users can apply the materials as realistic surfaces or use them as animated organic backgrounds. The filters include presets that make using the materials a point and click operation – even for complex animations.

Boris Continuum Materials Unit Filters:

  • Steel Plate: generates a non-slip steel plate look for backgrounds or multifaceted objects. The filter provides controls for the number and size of rivets, bolts, and steel plates as well as the shininess of the surface.
  • Brick: Brick is a versatile generator of brickwork or tiled surfaces with realistic texture and lighting controls.
  • Caustics: The Caustics filter can be used to simulate the effect of light refracting through water onto the bottom of a swimming pool. Caustics is a key element in many popular texture looks.
  • Cloth: Cloth creates a texture resembling tightly-woven fabric. It has many creative uses in the texturing of graphics elements.
  • Clouds: Clouds can be used as a realistic cloud generator or a noise map for other filters in a composition.
  • Fractal Noise: Fractal Noise creates a simulated marble texture.
  • Granite: Granite simulates the appearance of granite or any other type of mottled stone.
  • Mixed Colors: Mixed Colors produces a color noise map.
  • Noise Map 2: Noise Map 2 generates procedurally-based, resolution-independent, auto-animated image clips that can be used as backdrops or as a mask track input for other image clips.
  • Reptilian: Reptilian produces a texture resembling a scaly or spotted animal skin.
  • Rock: Rock is a realistic rock generator featuring 3D bumps and light effects on a rough rock surface.
  • Veined Marble: Veined Marble produces a marble texture with pronounced "veins".
  • Weave: Weave produces a texture resembling loosely-woven fabric, such as burlap or gauze.
  • Wood Grain: Wood Grain creates the appearance of a solid piece of wood.
  • Wooden Planks: The Wooden Planks generator simulates a surface covered in wooden boards, similar to a parquet floor.

The Boris Continuum Materials Unit supports Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Final Cut Express, Apple Motion, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Premiere Pro.

The Materials Unit is the latest addition to previously-released Boris Continuum Units: Chroma Key, Pan and Zoom, UpRez, Motion Key, Lens Flare, Film Look, Glitters, Optical Stabilizer, Light Rays, 3D Objects, Cartoon Look, Motion Tracker, and Image Restoration.

Pricing and Availability:
The Boris Continuum Materials Unit is immediately available through the Boris FX worldwide reseller channel and direct from the Boris FX web site for an MSRP of $199 USD. Customers who purchase the Boris Continuum Materials Unit or any other Boris Continuum Unit may credit the price of the Unit towards the full Boris Continuum Complete plug-in suite.


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