Acer to introduce its own download portal applications

Taiwan’s Acer Group is expected to launch its own download portal applications, which will offer "hundreds of software, otherwise it is not the penalty call download portal, "said Jim Wong, president of IT products division of the group, whose remarks were echoed by Bloomberg, throwing a spear with competitors eager to start their own even without solid content.

The portal should be available on various products Acer (smartphones and netbooks) and launched in mid-year. It will offer applications compatible with the system Android, Chrome, Windows and Windows Mobile, as free or paid, so that interested developers and attract buyers who can customize their equipment Acer.

Readers e-paper made the show at CES in Las Vegas in early January 2010. Acer will also own, has a monochrome display e-paper 6 "Ave a planned first launch in five countries in the European market, easier to access than the United States are firmly established as Amazon, Sony and Barnes & Noble.

Distribution agreements with publishers are under negotiation to provide content. Acer wants to take advantage of the forecast growth for this type of device while the market is being structured.

Netbooks chrome shelves and preparation
But the Taiwanese group has other ongoing projects such as preparing a netbook using the operating system OS of Google Chrome, that Acer plans to integrate in at least 10% of its netbooks medium term, and first one should be marketed in the third quarter of 2010.

Acer is also expected to launch in touch pads, another hot topic the last CES. Jim Wong did not say much but stresses that the projects will cover both Windows as one of Google’s systems.


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