Moviola Studios released Pro Video Guide

Moviola Studios, a division of Moviola, has announced the release of the Pro Video Guide iPhone app, (Pro Video Guide) a comprehensive mobile resource for industry professionals seeking in-depth information on the technical aspects of video production, post production and distribution in both SD and HD.

The material covered in the first two sections of the Guide – Library and Glossary – cover the full spectrum of topics regarding video technology and its application, from the basic to the complex to the leading-edge: video standards, formats, resolution, storage solutions, file-base workflow options, etc.

The Organization section is a listing of entertainment industry trade and creative groups, as well as online communities focused on the technology and practice of content creation. The app also has a Bookmark and History section, and subscribers are automatically notified of updates to the Guide.

Randy Paskal, President of Moviola, believes that the guide will become an indispensable tool for the creative and technical community looking for a single point of contact for answers to questions about video production in a professional setting.

"It’s an instant and easily accessed portable resource that is well organized, easy to navigate and targeted at production and post production craft professionals", said Paskal.

Andrew Balis, principal instructor at the Moviola Education Center and the author of the guide adds, "While there is a wealth of information available in print about video technology issues, the Pro Video Guide brings it all together for the first time in one place.

"The mindshare contained in the Pro Video Guide is searchable elsewhere, but the way it is assembled and presented in the guide is unique."


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