Imation Shows Off Ultra Small USB Drive

Imation showed off its latest hardwareat a press event in New York City on Monday night, including a preview of a USB hard drive so small that it could practically fit on top of a quarter. More details on the unit, as well as a public launch are expected in early July.

The Imation Micro Drive uses a USB 2.0 connection to a PC and will be compatible with all three major operating systems: Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Imation says its target audience for the new drive is industry professionals who require the transport of large files in their lines of work, such as advertising or science. Initially available in a 2-gigabyte capacity, the company plans to have a 4GB version available late this year. The padlock-shaped unit is also extremely light weighing less than one ounce. At less than 1-inch in diameter, the Micro Drive will be the smallest hard drive available on the market.

The unit’s padlock design may have been for a reason, as micro drives have come under fire for poor security. Imation will offer the Imation Security Manager as an optional download from its support Web site, which will allow Windows and Macintosh users to encrypt and decode files in 128-bit encryption.

The drive will be made available through retail locations in mid-July at a price of $159 USD. The 4GB version will retail for $189 USD.

News source: BetaNews


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