Ingenux and Data Proactive teams up

Ingenux has again been selected by Data Proactive to custom build an
Asset Management application; this will allow companies to instantly
start managing their corporate assets including but not limited to all
computers, monitors, IT hardware, and office equipment. This web based
system will have a Barcode tracking structure as well as a RFID
management option offered to the individual subscriber. Data Proactive
Asset Management will allow the user to easily track inventory and
generate reports in real-time providing companies’ instant knowledge on
their current assets’ status and whereabouts.

This is the second custom web application to be allocated to Ingenux by
Data Proactive as Ingenux has also been contracted to build an
all-encompassing Field Services application. This state-of the-art
product will manage day to day operations with a powerful employee
scheduler, full work order management, and comprehensive reporting

Data Proactive Field Services will enable business owners to increase
productivity by streamlining the work flow process with intuitive and
easy to use features. A few of the cutting edge features will include a
drag and drop scheduling system, real-time dispatching, online work
orders, service calls, tracked inventory management, customizable
reporting, purchase order tracking, and a complete history record of
the customer database.

Ingenux offers a wide range of award winning services including custom
web design, web application development, custom software programming,
flash application and mobile device software.


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