LeadMaster unveils New Web Tracking Lead-Extreme

LeadMaster, a leading provider Sales Lead Management, Lead Tracking, Online CRM tools and Sales Automation solutions announces that a new solution that provides powerful, easy-to-use website tracking tools, lead generation and web visitor analysis.

The new service provides sales and marketing teams using Lead-Extreme with the ability to easily identify website visitors, even when they have not filled out a landing page form. It’s like having “Caller ID.” Lead-Extreme provides the visitor’s domain name, business address, phone number, email and web address. It can be configured to send an alert when a specific company is visiting your website. With this solution, LeadMaster provides lead management from the time they first visit a website all the way through the entire sales cycle.

Lead-Extreme is a natural extension of the LeadMaster offering. By providing website and landing page visitor information, customers have a powerful tool to track and convert web visitors. Using incorporated automation rules, qualified leads will be automatically forwarded to customers’ sales reps’ emails for follow-up. Thus the system’s automatic analysis and distribution of lead information provides both the sales leads and the management of those leads. There is also a multi-tiered lead management distribution system where leads can be passed to sales partners either automatically or to an inside sales team for further qualification. With Lead-Extreme’s real-time web analytics incorporated into the LeadMaster solution this additional functionality will provide superior tracking activity for PPC programs, banner ads and online advertising, as well.

“LeadMaster wants their customers to know more about their online visitors. The more people know about their online marketing programs, the better they’ll be able to optimize their efforts,” said Russell King, LeadMaster CEO. “LeadMaster’s CRM solution is helping customers optimize their front office operations, including SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We have always had a vision for our LeadMaster system to capture leads from every source and with the Lead-Extreme solution we have accomplished our goal.”


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