Gizmox launches Visual WebGui 6.4 beta 1

Gizmox, the developer of Visual WebGui web/cloud applications platform announced today the release of its Visual WebGui 6.4 beta 1 version. The new version offers enhanced performance as well as enhanced customization, extension and user interface designing capabilities. The expanded capabilities include the integration of the jQuery library for faster behavior customization and user interface extension. This enables developers to create Web 2.0 user interfaces (UI) in a more expedited and easier manner. In addition, the integration allows jQuery developers to offer a path empowering the jQuery based UI, while maintaining the Visual WebGui server power and security which are vital for data secured – sensitive applications.

With the original VB6 like drag and drop development practices that earned Visual WebGui its popularity as an open source enterprise .Net Ajax platform, the new version lends its simple VB6 like web development empowerment to jQuery developers. In addition, Visual WebGui developers will be able to develop applications using full object oriented environment by utilizing the power of the server and at the same time to write extensions using one of the most popular client side frameworks.

"After a year of getting feedback from users of our free open source versions, we’re testing the waters with this first fully featured commercial beta version, which will enhance functionality by offering users enhanced features, better documentation, performance and better UI customization," said Navot Peled, CEO of Gizmox, the parent company of Visual WebGui. "And more importantly, we’re fully confident that developers will utilize the integration of jQuery in our solution to reduce Java Script customization headaches."

The new 6.4 beta 1 version had also gone through intensive infrastructure optimization in order to enhance Visual WebGui’s performance, interactivity and scalability to serve multi simulations users. This version is the first fully featured Visual WebGui version, which is going to go live as the first fully featured commercial version.


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