Acer launched its all new 120Hz LCD with 3D support

Acer this morning launched a new flagship display aimed at performance users, particularly gamers. The GD235HZ refreshes at 120Hz and, for all users, preserves much more detail in fast-moving scenes. Windows users can add NVIDIA’s GeForce 3D Vision to add 3D in games that support the add-on’s active shutter glasses.

At 23.6 inches, the 16:9 display renders at a native 1080p and has a relatively high 80,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, albeit with a basic TN-based LCD panel. Gamers are further served through the presence of HDMI input alongside the more typical DVI and VGA.

Shipments start for the new Acer screen within the next few days. The display itself will cost $400, while the GeForce 3D Vision adds another $200 to the cost.


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