ScrumWorks Pro for Scrum Project Management From Danube Technologies

Danube Technologies, Inc., the leader in project management tools and training for the Scrum
project management framework, today announced the latest release of its
ScrumWorks Pro product. ScrumWorks Pro 4.3 includes improvements to the
tool’s Sprint Burndown Chart, Team Member Load Report and filtering
with Themes. The release, which is the third upgrade since the
enterprise-ready ScrumWorks Pro 4 was launched in Aug, 2009, represents
Danube’s commitment to responding quickly to customer feedback through
the Danube Community Portal.

"The level of participation among our users on the Danube Community
Portal has been staggering," said Laszlo Szalvay, president and CEO of
Danube. "Hearing from our user-base in such a direct way has allowed us
to focus on improvements that generate immediate value for our users as
well as accelerate the rate at which we deliver upgrades. In my mind,
this is an illustration of what can happen when the makers of a tool and
its community of users can unite around a common goal–improving
project and program management with Scrum."

New features in ScrumWorks Pro 4.3 include:

  • Upgraded Sprint Burndown Chart. ScrumWorks Pro’s Sprint Burndown Chart receives a major upgrade with the addition of a second line: tasks done/not done. This allows teams that do not use task-level estimation to nevertheless "burn down" tasks in Sprints.
  • Tasks No Longer Require Estimates. To help support task burndown in the Sprint Burndown Chart, tasks no longer require estimates.
  • Enhanced Team Member Load Report. This sprint-level report now displays the total task hours yet to be allocated to team members. This helps teams better visualize the total unallocated capacity in the sprint atany time.
  • Sub-Total for Selected Product Backlog Items and Tasks. Now users can select a sub-set of the product backlog or sprint from the Product window and receive an instant sub-total of the number of PBIs/Tasks and their corresponding effort estimates in the new status bar result in no more manual math.
  • Editor Enhancements. The work item editor now includes the item’s key for easier identification.
  • Expanded Theme Filtering. When filtering using Themes, users now have the option to "exclude" selected Themes from filtered or highlighted results.
  • Fixes. Several issues have been resolved, including a security issue related to Active Directory installations configured to accept empty passwords, Java Web Start caching, and more.


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