Microsoft Announced Microsoft SideWinder X4 Keyboard

Particularly frustrating in some shooters, where you may have to crouch, use objects, change weapons, throw a grenade and activate its microphone, simultaneously or within a specified short time, the phenomenon of ghosting is addressed for several years by manufacturers specialized in devices for players such as Razer. Microsoft follow suit with the Sidewinder X4, just announced, which will allow the player to press 26 keys at the same time.

The ghosting when speaking of peripheral players, for memory is the phenomenon that you may already be met if you’re the kind of compulsive gambler, which occurs when you press a little too frenetic five, six or fifteen keys on your keyboard to chain your favorite combos. In this case, two scenarios: either the recent orders are simply ignored, or your motherboard emits beeps vigorous protest her way to report that the keyboard does not accept most of a number of simultaneous orders.

Microsoft SideWinder X4 Keyboard image

"Recognizing the phenomenon of" ghosting "- the well known inability of players to press several keys simultaneously – we wanted to address this problem and improve the playing conditions we have achieved with the new anti-ghosting keyboard SideWinder X4, "says Steven Bathiche very seriously, research director of the Applied Sciences Group at Microsoft, in a statement. With 26 keys, it becomes possible to actually play with mittens or palms, or even lend his keyboard Abominable Snowman.

Backlit and guaranteed three years, the Sidewinder X4 also offers the ability to program macros (combination of several actions assigned to a given key) and save different profiles. Arrival on the market in early March at a retail price of 4,000 INR.


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