Dynamics CRM Customization Service From Akvelon Inc.

Whether to fit the needs of individual users or to better serve
entire organizations, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, the leading customer
relationship management system, can be customized in myriad ways.
However, not every company has the resources to make those

Akvelon, one of the largest Web development companies in the
US Pacific Northwest, specializes in providing CRM solutions. Its latest
project, rolled out today, is the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM
customization service.
With five levels of support ranging from the streamlined Lite
(available to those users who register for a free 30 day trial at crmonline website and enter Akvelon as the providing partner), which is free, to Platinum,
which is priced according to the exact level of customization the
client needs, Akvelon’s CRM customization service is designed to take
the burden of customization off the client, ultimately saving time and

"The data-driven design of Microsoft CRM allows for
successfully performing some of the most common customizations without
writing any code," explained Akvelon CEO Sergei Dreizin. "Our Lite
clients will find we can provide those predefined customizations in
about a day. In cases where our clients need heavy customization that
goes beyond common customizations, our turnaround time is still
typically less than a week. We are pleased to be able to provide this
service to CRM users."

The Akvelon CRM customization service provides admin training
at the Bronze level and both admin and non-admin training at the Silver,
Gold and Platinum levels. All levels except Lite include a written
project plan, records import and migration, and ongoing paid support.
CRM customization at the Lite level consists of three pre-defined
reports; at all other levels, customization includes increasing time
spent on creating custom views, layout changes, workflow development,
custom reports, business process definition and custom fields. Dedicated
project managers oversee customization at the Silver, Gold and Platinum
levels; CRM is integrated with Microsoft Exchange at those levels as
well. All five levels of Akvelon’s CRM customization service include
Outlook integration.

"CRM customization is now simple and attainable for businesses
of all sizes," Dreizin stated. "Through our new Microsoft Dynamics CRM
4.0 customization service, the Akvelon team is able to make CRM even
more valuable to our clients."


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