Ark CLEC Management Software From Lost Key Telecom

Lost Key Telecom has introduced a robust software
system that consolidates multiple management tools for competitive
local exchange carriers (CLECs). Developed by telecom executives,
Ark software features a single interface with a unique
executive dashboard that handles claims escalation, direct-to-ILEC
dispute reporting, provisioning reports and more.

Ark’s development team has more than 53
years of combined experience in the telecom business. The
“insider” operational knowledge has enabled Lost Key Telecom to
help CLEC clients save an average of 25-30% off their monthly
operating costs, according to Steve Watson, executive director.
“As a team of former CLEC owners and operators, we know first-hand
the operational issues that take CLEC owners away from running
their business, and Ark helps CLEC owners see at a glance
how their company is doing,” Watson said. “But the most popular benefit
of Ark is its ability to increase profits by proactively
identifying and filing promotions and providing a one-stop resource
for disputes and promotions reports.”

The Ark
system is designed to help competitive local exchange carriers
(CLECs) owners remain in compliance with regulatory agencies while
improving operational efficiency and boosting the bottom line.
Unique features include the ability to submit promotions and disputes
directly to the ILEC provider, create customized Provisioning
Optimization reports and provide real-time data and reporting for
disputes and promotions.

For more information or an Ark
demonstration, call 888-259-6057.


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