Mobile TV Generation to Super Bowl XLIV From FLO TV

FLO TV Incorporated, the company that pioneered the live mobile TV
category, a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, today announced it will launch a Super Bowl ad campaign with
three separate spots, featuring a remix of The Who’s classic "My
Generation" by international recording artist and Black Eyed Peas
frontman, as well as appearances by Emmy Award-winning CBS
Sports and Super Bowl personalities Jim Nantz and James Brown.

The campaign is designed to increase awareness for the mobile TV
category and for the FLO TV(TM) brand, which brings live mobile TV to
mobile phones, dedicated devices, like the FLO TV Personal Television,
and in vehicles through the FLO TV Auto Entertainment service.

For the three spots:

  • FLO TV brought the iconic rock band The Who and the acclaimed superstar together for a memorable piece dubbed "Moments," which is a compilation of historical events and shared experiences that have united generations of television viewers. Set to "My Generation,"’s puts a fresh twist on the lyrics, underscoring the ways in which different generations are affected by technology and how viewers today consume content on the go.
  • Also scheduled to air during the Super Bowl, a second FLO TV spot, dubbed "Injury Report," features CBS Sports Commentator Jim Nantz, who plays himself and offers a humorous play-by-play of a couple on a shopping spree. During the spot, Nantz will deliver a highly memorable and amusing tagline that’s sure to enter pop-culture lexicon.
  • And just prior to kick-off, FLO TV will debut a 30-second ad featuring CBS Sports studio host James Brown, as well as Nantz. In that spot, dubbed "Driven Crazy," Brown brings peace to a family on a long trip by introducing them to the FLO TV Auto Entertainment service." and The Who are legends whose socially conscious and
    progressive work appeals to multiple generations, just like FLO TV,"
    said Bill Stone, president of FLO TV Incorporated.

"All three spots introduce viewers to mobile TV and our FLO TV
Personal Television, which are some of the many ways in which FLO TV
lets people take live TV with them wherever they go," said Jayne
Hancock, vice president of marketing for FLO TV. "A devotee of
technology, has consistently embraced new concepts that push
the envelope both musically and visually, while Nantz and Brown are
synonymous with all sports. We’re thrilled to be working with all three
to help raise awareness for the emerging mobile TV category and our

Magner Sanborn and Agency 3.0 – the agencies behind each of the three
ad executions – have a history of working together, and have
collaborated on a variety of branded marketing and content projects.

Service not available everywhere. Programming subject to change
/ blackout restrictions. Service subscription required. "Live mobile
television" means the FLO TV service transmits channels in real time;
no downloading, sideloading or buffering.


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