Nanocrowd introduces Movie Search Engine

Nanocrowd today announced the launch of its movie search engine based on a new technology it developed: Reaction Mapping. Now consumers can get fast, accurate movie recommendations without the need to rate and rank movies, search through reviews, or enter personal profile information.

"Media distribution is changing dramatically, giving consumers instant access to entertainment," said Roderic March, CEO of Nanocrowd. "To take advantage of the growing libraries of online media, consumers want better and faster ways to find movies. Nanocrowd delivers fast, accurate recommendations to go with this instant access to media."

With this release of the Nanocrowd movie search engine, users can find a movie to watch by simply entering a favorite actor, director, or movie title. Nanocrowd instantly delivers a list of recommendations in the "Movies Most Like" list. By selecting a "Nanogenre" like "pleasant, feel good, delight" or "intriguing, gripping, moving," users can fine-tune and further personalize the movie recommendations to match their unique interests or mood. Once users have chosen a movie, they can instantly add it to their Netflix queue or click Watch Now! and view it on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Crackle, or YouTube.

"When I search for movies on Nanocrowd, I find exactly what I want," said Nick J. Palmer, Film Writer and Director at 200 Strong Production Company. "Nanogenres are incredibly helpful because they give me control. Instead of just searching for a comedy and having a search engine decide what kind of comedy I’ll like, I can find movies that are similar to the specific aspects of a movie I already like."

To help consumers find movies, Nanocrowd developed Reaction Mapping – a revolutionary new technology that captures the insights and reactions contained in the millions of movie viewers’ comments on the Web, exposing the reasons why movie viewers liked a movie. Understanding why movie viewers liked a movie is critical to providing accurate recommendations. Reaction Mapping uses mathematical modeling to analyze and summarize the complex emotions found in movie viewers’ comments and makes sense of the varied reactions viewers have to a particular movie.

"Nanocrowd clearly understands the nuances of movie viewers’ reactions and how to shine a light into the nooks and crannies of those reactions to recommend movies that I want to watch," said John Jack Rodgers, Executive Director of Stella Adler Academy and Theatre, Los Angeles. "I’m so impressed by how easy it is to find movies that end up becoming new favorites."


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