The 3rd software bundle launched by Mac friendly for Mac

MacFriendly today is pleased to announce their new MacFriendly Bundle of 12 applications for Mac users. The Bundle is valued at over $400 and is available for a limited time for only $49.99, which represents a savings of over 85% off the list prices. The bundle includes 12 downloadable software applications, and the latest version of each application is included in the bundle. The 12 programs included in this bundle are:

* TwistedWave
* Veenix TypeBook Creator
* Calico Panorama
* Bracketeer
* Email Backup Pro
* R10Cipher
* K Kitchen 3
* Berokyo
* CrossOver Mac
* PhotoStyler
* The video Diary
* MovieSherlock Full

Audio Editing made easy. TwistedWave is simple, very easy to use, and yet very powerful. Thanks to its very intuitive user interface, no other audio editor will make you as productive from day one.

Veenix TypeBook Creator
Preview, organize and create font sample/specimen books of your font collection. It allows you to easily view, create, organize and print type specimen books and font sample sheets of all your fonts, whether they are installed and active in your System or just sitting somewhere on a hard drive.

Calico Panorama
It is an automatic multi-row panorama stitcher created with ease of use in mind. Unlike many other stitching programs, Calico does not limit you to a single row of images or a 3×3 mosaic.

It is a front-end GUI for Enfuse. Enfuse is a command-line opensource utility which uses multiple exposures of a scene (bracketed exposures) and merges them together to form a uniformly lit scene.

Email Backup Pro
It is an easy to use, powerful, automated email backup solution. It allows for scheduled backups of the most common email applications through the configuration of a simple interface.

Simple and Easy Method to Safely Encrypt your Email Correspondence and Document Files. It’s like your emails are carried by a SWAT team rather than being written on a Postcard!

K Kitchen 3
Have you ever wondered how to convert your QuickTime files to NTSC or PAL? Watch them on PC? It’s effortless with K Kitchen 3, a burning and ripping program which gives you the option to burn to necessary formats such as Divx and VCD.

Keep all your favorite and frequently used applications, documents, files, folders and webpages, organized in any number of multi-shelf cabinets, categories and subcategories.

CrossOver Mac
Our flagship Windows-to-Macintosh compatibility tool. Intended for Intel Mac OS X machines, CrossOver Mac allows Mac users to run their favorite Windows applications seamlessly on their Mac.

It is a light, quick and simple photo enchancer designed to make digital photos look like analog style pictures. Old tattered sepia images with scratches, 30’s like photos, and incredibly popular polaroid pictures – you can choose a new style for your digital photos.

The video Diary
It is a small application that allows you to capture video with your webcam and keep it organized as a personal video diary.

MovieSherlock Full
It is the fastest and easiest way to download and convert YouTube movies. Even this is not the full list of MovieSherlock features. MovieSherlock search and select the most relevant movies from YouTube according to your request.

The MacFriendly Bundle provides an unprecedented selection of high quality software at unprecedented low prices. A portion of each sale will support animal rescue programs, ensuring that homeless animals find a good home. The MacFriendly bundle sale ends on February 26, 2010. Existing Mac users can purchase this bundle to enhance their and/or a family member’s current setup and to get a great gift for someone.


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