Fatal1ty makes strategic partnership with Origin PC

The Fatal1ty brand announces a strategic partnership with Origin PC, a new custom gaming PC manufacturer. Origin PC unveiled the GENESIS and EON18 systems, last November featuring levels of customization, aggressive design, personalized support and performance, the likes of which the PC gaming industry has never seen.

Custom products will carry Fatal1ty Pro certification. As the world’s most famous gamer, Fatal1ty knows that quality equipment can make the difference between winning and losing. Fatal1ty Certified Products are built for gamers around the globe who rely on superior gear to achieve peak performance.

"Hardcore gamers deserve customized, high-performance products that allow them to reach their maximum potential," said Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel. "For this reason, and due to my great relationship with the founders of Origin, our partnership is dedicated to delivering the best possible PC gaming experience."

Much like its desktops and notebooks, ORIGIN PC was built from the ground up by PC experts, each with over 10 years of experience at the forefront of the gaming PC explosion, and each one holding executive titles with Dell’s acquired gaming arm, Alienware.

"Fatal1ty is the most recognized professional gamer in the world and ORIGIN’s strategy is to work with partners who have a strong passion for gaming and technology", says Kevin Wasielewski, CEO/ Co-Founder of ORIGIN PC. "Many boutique computer makers have lost their way, forgetting what’s important to gamers and becoming just another corporate entity. By partnering with Fatal1ty, ORIGIN can focus on creating products that deliver the performance, precision, and stability that professional and hardcore gamers desire. "

ORIGIN is now shipping their GENESIS desktop and EON18 notebook, both certified by Fatal1ty. Both are available in the United States and Australia and soon in Japan.


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