Mailspect to release new Antispam and email archive solutions

Mailspect is pleased to announce a new email defense and archive solution that instantly transforms any Ubuntu server into a highly scalable email security and archive device. With the introduction of our new APT installation a single apt-get command will install Mailspect and all related components on Ubuntu and Debian servers thus providing a substantial improvement over the open source antispam tools provided in Ubuntu.

"Ubuntu has been surging in popularity with our customers, at the expense of Redhat solutions," says Michael Katz, Founder of Mailspect. "One of the biggest advantages of Ubuntu is the APT package manager and our customers are very happy about the ease of installation that APT provides," adds Katz.

Mailspect Email Defense is the most comprehensive and flexible email security available for Ubuntu servers. Mailspect is built on a policy framework that enables differentiated services based on identity or email content. Within a policy Mailspect offers multi-layer email defenses using an array of SMTP checks, content controls and leading-edge antispam technology from Cloudmark, Commtouch and others. Moreover, the Mailspect spam quarantine solution can be completely customized and translated to suit your needs. Mailspect Email Defense is used by email service providers, schools and small-medium businesses throughout the world.

Mailspect Email Archive offers web accessible email archives that feature cross-mailbox searching, scheduled searches, digital signatures and extensive import/export capabilities. Mailspect Email Archive is ideal for generalized email archive requirements that require fast search and retrieval and secure storage of email. Mailspect archives real time streams from MS Exchange, Postfix or any SMTP stream. Mailspect can also import from IMAP servers and over twenty different email formats including PST, Thunderbird and more.


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