Google to buy Mozilla?

Everyone has been speculating, but will Google finally make the move to purchase Mozilla’s FireFox?

Some say Google is secretly developing its own browser, but why would it? Google is a constant “plug” for FireFox and everything it offers

Since the pre-1.0 stages of FireFox, Google’s Gmail – have supported (and in some cases, required) the use of Firefox. Since March 30, 2005 the Google search engine has utilized the link prefetching feature of Firefox for faster searching.

Google, Inc. also recommends Firefox as the browser] for its Blogger weblog service. On May 18, 2005 eBay announced support for Firefox for its eBay Picture Manager Google also offers Firefox extensions for accessing their services, in addition to their original Internet-Explorer add-ons.

Not to mention the fact that in January of this year Google hired the lead engineer behind the Mozilla Firefox Web browser, who is splitting his time between the search company and the open-source project.

Ben Goodger, who helped shepherd the Firefox 1.0 release that has dug into Microsoft Corp.’s browser dominance, joined Google as a full-time employee earlier this month. While Goodger is a full-time Google employee, Google also is donating half of his time back to the Mozilla Foundation, Google spokesman Steve Langdon said.

The next planned release of Firefox, version 1.1, has a target release date of July 2005, Firefox 1.1 will resync the code-base of the release builds (as opposed to nightly builds) with the core “trunk” which contains additional features not available in 1.0, as it branched from the trunk around the 0.9 release.

I feel that this would be the perfect opportunity for Google to snag FireFox, and further establish itself as the next big thing.

News source: Juiceenewsdaily


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