DCI’s iphone developers wing introduces its OJAS app in 6 variants at Apple’s App store

Apart from the original OJAS Life Energy, the company has introduced 6
variants, each for a specific situation. Originally, OJAS Life energy
was released as a digital content-based iPhone app by DCI, which
contained a wonderful collection of mantras and chants extracted from
Vedantas, and formulated by the OJAS Foundation. The divine mantras is
believed to have the divinity to free the human-mind from stress and
helps them to live a more peaceful life.

"Really, We have worked hard to stand ahead in this expanding
multi-platform competition, but as technologies are getting more
hotter, we are developing our own methodologies in iPhone app
development and app marketing services, meeting the challenges – both
on the iPhone apps and other mobile platforms. OJAS variants fits
nicely within our ever-growing portfolio of iphone apps and has helped
in marketing and showcasing, our uniqueness in app development"
commented, Mr.CR Venkatesh, CEO of Dot Com Infoway. About the launch of
the variants, Mr.Vijayakumar Radhakrishnan, who is the CTO of DCI said
"We are constantly seeking ways to enrich the iphone experience and as
the i-phones are rapidly growing into a ‘third screen of Westerners and
Far-east worlds", focusing on iPhone application development was our
finest logical step."

Ojas Life Energy is a life-changing iphone application that helps a
person suffering due to stress in his business, employment, or even on
encountering some unexpected situation, which makes him run in search
of peace. To make living better, OJAS Foundation has extracted and
formulated, a huge collection of mantras and chants from the ancient
Vedanta. Listening to those miraculous chants will definitely set a
human mind free from every from of worries. Originally, OJAS Life
Energy consisted 61 divine tracks under six different titles. But to
ease the prospective users, DCI has released the original app as 6
different apps, each made for specific situation in life.

Now iphone users has the ultimate chance to buy, the entire OJAS Life
energy app for $9.99 or their 6 different versions such as OJAS BP,
OJAS Happiness, OJAS Stress, OJAS Heart, OJAS Mother and OJAS Memory
for just $0.99 each from your iPhone or iPod Touch devices or seek the
divinity at http://www.itunes.com/apps/ojas


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