PCI Specification 3.0 released

The PCI Special Interest Group (PCI-SIG) has announced the third generation of the Conventional PCI standard, migrating the interface to 3.3V-only slots.

The Conventional PCI standard was updated in the shadow of the buzz about PCI Express. The latest revision 3.0 builds that builds upon version 2.3 and completes the migration of the PCI bus from the original 5.0V signaling to 3.3V-only slots. The new standard removes support for 5.0V-only keyed add-in cards.

Universal keyed add-in cards, cards that are keyed for both 5.0V and 3.3V slots, continue to be supported by the Conventional PCI 3.0 spec. Version 3.0 also incorporates the errata and ECNs (Engineering Change Notifications) to the specification version 2.3. The third generation spec supports PCI 66, PCI-X, Mini PCI, and Low Profile PCI.

News source: Tom’s Hardware


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