iPresentee released Keynote Motion Themes 9.0

iPresentee has announced Keynote Motion Themes 9.0, a package of new Keynote themes to be used with Apple’s Keynote presentation software. New package includes fifty two themes. The new release introduces five new themes: Blue Illusion, Red Illusion, Green Illusion, Black Illusion and Yellow Illusion. Forty seven more designs are carried over from the previous version. New Keynote Motion Themes are available in standard and HD formats.

Keynote Motion Themes are created by professional designers and aim to make users Keynote presentations more memorable. Each theme consists of different high quality animated backgrounds and features up to 22 different layout schemes. Keynote Motion Themes with amazing ease-of-use, can transform "sleep-inducing" presentation into an aggressive, energetic, jaw-dropping presentation in nearly no time at all.

These templates can be used for business presentations, slideshows, seminars, and school lectures. Creating the right design is the first step to a perfect presentation. Keynote Motion Themes contains everything to catch the eye of the audience with animated backgrounds making presentations more attractive and entertaining. Numerous themes collection enables Keynote users to choose the perfect theme or combination of themes for any type of presentation.

Keynote Motion Themes can stand alone to unify a presentation or can be mixed together with other non-motion themes to provide breakpoints. Keynote Motion Themes offers a variety of presentation styles with coordinated fonts, colors, great backgrounds, unique bullets and picture frames. Moreover, there is no need to explore any tutorial or to learn how to use Keynote Motion Themes.

Creating a presentation using Keynote Motion Themes is exactly the same as creating a presentation using the usual themes. Choose the perfect theme for your presentation, simply substitute placeholder text and graphics with your own words and images. Keynote Motion Themes includes an installer to make sure the themes end up in the right place and will be displayed in Keynote’s themes menu automatically.

In addition iPresentee offers updated Keynote Show. Keynote Show package is most likely the best offer of add-ons for Apple’s Keynote which includes 60 Keynote Themes, 52 Keynote Motion Themes, 115 Keynote Animations and 181 Keynote 3D Stuff objects for only $70.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.4.3 Tiger and later
  • iWork 08 or iWork 09
  • 1 GB Hard Drive space

Pricing and Availability:
Each individual Keynote Motion Theme is priced at $10 (USD). The package of 52 themes is available for $40! Samples and more information about Keynote Motion Themes are available immediately at the iPresentee website.


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