Samsung to unveil GT-S8500 the First Bluetooth 3.0 certified mobile phone

Among the many devices that would be unveiled by the Samsung brand in the next world fair of mobile telephony, which will open February 15 in Barcelona, Spain, is also the GT-S8500.

Compatible with GSM / GPRS / EDGE quad-band and equipped with an interface 3.1-inch OLED touchscreen, this phone has the distinction of being the first to be certified by the Bluetooth 3.0 Bluetooth SIG, a group whose mission is to promote the standard of wireless transmission created in 1994 by the Swedish manufacturer Ericsson

Officially established in April 2009, remember that the new Bluetooth 3.0 standard promises a data rate ceiling to 24 Mbps (3 Mbps) cons 1 Mbit / s (0.125 Mb / s ) for the previous versions.


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