Linux distribution openSUSE 11.3 first draft version will published by July 15

Distribution openSUSE 11.3 development cycle begins with the online version of Monday Milestone 1 that can be likened to an Alpha version 0.

This draft is based on Linux kernel 2.6.32. Desktop environments are proposed SC 4.4 RC1 KDE, GNOME 2.29.5. A freshman enters the openSUSE project choices in the person of LXDE which is destined to computers at relatively modest hardware.

Among the software packages upgraded, we note Qt 4.6.0, gcc 4.5, Firefox 3.6.0, Thunderbird 3.0.1, 3.2 beta. The list is obviously much longer, and we will be able to see this page.

So the very beginning to openSUSE 11.3, to be reserved mainly for developers. Six other versions say Milestone follow. The first Release Candidate must be published in mid-June The final version has so far announced for July 15, 2010.


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