Mobile Playmaker iPhone Application From NTN Buzztime, Inc.

NTN Buzztime, Inc. announced today that Apple has accepted its new Buzztime
Mobile Playmaker application and has made the app available to
download for free at the iTunes App Store.

The application, created and developed by the interactive
social gaming company, offers players an exciting new way to enjoy its
games. The Buzztime Mobile
Playmaker mimics the function of Buzztime’s traditional game
console, the Playmaker, in a graphically engaging and simple way.
Patrons with iPhones and iPod touches can compete in real time with
other Buzztime players at Buzztime’s over 4,000 restaurant or bar
locations in North America.

"We’re constantly looking for new ways for our audience to
interact with our products. The Buzztime Mobile Playmaker will
complement our existing offerings while appealing to fans that are
looking to engage with Buzztime on their mobile devices," said Buzztime
EVP of Programming and Technology, Nick Glassman.

The Mobile Playmaker is not the first mobile offering by
Buzztime. The company previously introduced the Buzztime Site Finder
which allows fans to search for Buzztime restaurant and bar locations,
offers driving directions to a desired location, and provides daily game


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