Cost-Effective Managed Service Solution From Zenith Infotech

Tech Experts of Monroe, Michigan, is a computer support and
consulting firm that specializes in meeting the IT needs of small and
medium sized companies between Detroit and Toledo, Ohio. Given that
relatively limited geographic area, President Tom Fox notes that his
company can’t be picky about what types of industries or businesses Tech
Experts serves. "We don’t focus on any specific vertical markets. We’re
more of a ‘horizontal’ solution provider in the SMB arena," he notes.

Consider the fact that Tech Experts has just six full-time
employees, and it becomes apparent that only the most efficient
operations could meet the company’s hassle-free technology solutions
challenge. Delivering on such a value proposition is a tall order for
any IT solution provider, but especially for one that doesn’t have the
luxury of specializing in just one or two vertical markets. Fortunately,
Tech Experts has Zenith Infotech as its partner in providing customers
with comprehensive managed services solutions.

"Since deploying Zenith Infotech’s managed services solutions,
we’ve been able to increase our client base without adding staff," said
Fox. "But better still, we’re able to identify potential issues with
our clients IT systems quickly – frequently before they even realize
there’s a problem."

"By leveraging services like our Network Operations Center
(NOC), which has more than 600 highly specialized technicians providing
24/7/365 support, our customers are empowered to chase increasingly
complex projects with confidence because they know they have backup,"
said Maurice Saluan, Zenith Infotech vice president of Channel
Management. "This service is especially convenient when you’re running a
lean staff that’s frequently out of the office — or when support is
needed overnight."

"Resolving overnight tech support issues now that we’ve
engaged Zenith is literally coming into the office in the morning,
looking over a service ticket that clearly outlines the issue at hand,
and reading what was done to resolve the problem," said Fox. "That sure
beats the 4 a.m. call telling you an email server is down."

Zenith Infotech’s Virtual NOC takes care of routine
maintenance and monitoring functions such as watching and escalating
alerts, reviewing backups, installing patches and implementing service
packs. Zenith’s NOC works behind the scenes with all interaction
occurring between MSP engineers and Zenith’s network operations staff,
though in most incidences the NOC can independently resolve issues.

Fox recalls the process by which Tech Experts made the
decision to go with Zenith Infotech as their managed services solution
partner. "Our initial evaluation of the different solutions on the
market showed that Zenith’s required a lower initial investment." But
among the other benefits of Zenith Infotech’s SAAZ (Software And
Application support by Zenith) system, the company’s NOC stood out most
prominently in Fox’s mind.

Though Fox hasn’t been able to put a firm dollar figure on how
Zenith Infotech has positively impacted his company’s bottom line, he
knows it’s significant. Pointing out that the salary for a service
technician is tens of thousands of dollars.

"Zenith is like the engine in your car. It’s there and it runs
and it’s not anything you have to think about. Nothing stands out
because everything runs so smoothly."


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