XTPro Xtreem launched by Smart-AVI

Smart-AVI, Inc., a world-leading innovator in the fields of digital signage content creation, management and delivery solutions through hardware and software, announces the release of its XTPro Xtreem signal extension unit, which will work in concert with existing Smart-AVI products to almost double their transmission/broadcast length to 1,799 feet. The XTPro Xtreem also comes with a free signal tuning tool, which other manufacturers typically charge customers for.

The XTPro Xtreem breaks down traditional barriers of distance limitation that Cat5 cabling is bound to, which is approximately 1,000 feet, given the type of signal being broadcast from a source component. Now, when signals from existing Smart-AVI products are transmitted through an XTPro Xtreem unit, the signals are boosted up to 1,799 feet – almost double of traditional Cat5 distance capabilities whether transmitting high-definition video, stereo audio, RS-232 or infrared signals.

"Our customers have looked to us for extension solutions that will push the boundaries of their existing Smart-AVI products," says Albert Cohen, president and CEO of Smart-AVI, Inc. "The answer is our new XTPro Xtreem system, which works in concert with our family of extenders, splitters, matrixes and Cat5-to-Cat5 matrix solutions. We’ve taken our existing technology and have developed a way of almost doubling transmission distance over Cat5 with the use of multiple amplification points along the cables themselves. In addition to extending various signals much further, we have also employed the technology necessary to control the signal skew when using the XTPro Xtreem, making this a very attractive and exciting product."

Compatible with both PC and Mac platforms, the XTPro Xtreem is a complimentary signal extension solution to be used with existing Smart-AVI products, including the company’s SuperMatrix, XTPro, XT-TX line, and Catswitch devices.

Over any given distance, digital signals easily become distorted, and out of sync. This is due to the individual wires within Cat5 cabling varying in length. The result is "ghosting" of displayed images or poor overall signal quality; this is known as "skew". Skew correction is simple and easy with a "tool" that adjusts the distorted signal so that it’s perfect and remains synced as long as the display component remains connected to the XTPro Xtreem.

Companies that manufacture similar solutions as the XTPro Xtreem offer skew correction tools for an upcharge fee. Smart-AVI has opted to include a skew control tool free with each XTPro Xtreem unit as a value added bonus for its customers. The choice of infrared skew control is also a deviation in traditional signal tuning; other manufacturers’ units accomplish skew control via TCP/IP. Smart-AVI’s approach to skew correction is that with an IR device, a client merely needs to point the tool at the display screen that is in need of adjustment and with the touch of a button, the process is taken care of instantly with very little effort.

"In today’s economic climate, we feel the skew correction tool is an appropriate addition to the XTPro Xtreem unit free of charge," added Cohen. "Our customers already understand the value of working with Smart-AVI; this is merely one way we can reinforce that partnership we have with our clients and give them the very best technology available for the most aggressive pricing within our marketplace."

Smart-AVI’s XTPro Xtreem is the perfect extension solution for large-scale multimedia productions, nightclubs, lounges or restaurants, corporate and educational facilities, mass-transit terminals, video wall installations, digital signage networks, theme park design, resorts and casinos, houses of worship or controlled/secure CPU environments.

The suggested retail price of Smart-AVI’s XTPro Xtreem is $499.00 and is available wherever the company’s products are sold, including through the Smart-AVI website.


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