Pinch-To-Zoom update is now embedded to Google Nexus One

Google has started sending out a system software update for the Nexus One that includes what’s probably the single most requested features to its Nexus One: the ability to enlarge or shrink web pages and images by "pinching" them with two fingers.

Google Nexus OneThis Android OS 2.1-powered device has supported multi-touch since it launched last month, but for some reason Google left out the pinch-to-zoom gesture. This could have been a concession to Apple, as the iPhone popularized the feature, but whatever the reason, it has now been added.

Other Changes
This firmware update also includes a promised fix for a bug that causes the Nexus One to have problems getting a reliable connection to T-Mobile’s 3G network under some conditions.

In addition, it includes a new version of Google Maps with night mode  and synchronization of starred places.

This update also makes Google Goggles part of the standard suite of software.

Be Patient
Google is sending out this operating system update to Nexus One users gradually. It started today, but the company warns that this process will take until the end of the week.

Users will be notified by their smartphone when it has received the update.


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