Gameboy Emulation introduced to WebOS

A webOS developer by the name of Will Doetz has released one of the first classic console emulators
for webOS. Will’s new VisualBoyAdvance brings Nintendo Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance handheld game emulation to the Palm Pre and Pixi.

The VisualBoyAdvance project is a work in progress and currently features close to parity with GameBoy and Gameboy color games. Gameboy Advance games are mostly playable but are said to still have some speed and compatibility issues. The emu features support for touchscreen and keyboard custom controls, landscape orientation, sound, a rom browser, saved states and even skin support.

The app (currently at v1.1.1) is available now via Preware. It is released under the GPL v2 with the full source code available as well. Scope a video of VBA in action after the break.


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