3G Network issue of Google smartphone Nexus One solved

The Nexus One smartphone, the first of its kind to be distributed directly by Google in early January, was quickly criticized for its difficulty to connect to 3G networks, requiring different partners (Google, HTC, T-Mobile …) to address the problem to determine the origin (the smartphone itself, the mobile network?).

Rumors logic of preparing a patch began to spread and today is that it is confirmed. Users of the Nexus One will receive an update firmware OTA (Over-the-Air) which not only eliminates this problem but also makes some additions and changes to the software platform.

Goggles invites himself in the Nexus One:

  • Firstly, it is the application of Google Goggles, which appeared on the Nexus One. It allows you to search from a photo taken from the NPC’s smartphone using the pattern recognition.
  • On the other hand, Google Maps now in version 3.4 with the possibility of synchronization of places, adding a search history and a night mode for Google Maps Navigation. Also note that the update can now have access to some multitouch applications.

This will make it possible to use the pinch to zoom in the web browser, photo viewer and Google Maps applications. All these developments are accessible by simply downloading the update automatically on the proposed terminal.


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