BestLife 1.1 released by BestCoach

BestCoach, the developers of BestLife, has released the latest version of their self-help application. The app enables users to effectively carry a personal development coach in their iDevice. This latest release is timely for helping users succeed with making 2010 their best year yet, guiding them to healthy, happier and more prosperous lives.

BestLife is a great portable tool that anyone can use to fast track their personal development and goals. It has been featured in Psychologies Magazine and has earned trust in the marketplace as an app based on sound techniques that are delivered by a professional – Linda Allen.

Linda Allen is best known as a top international Personal Life Coach. Linda lends her expertise to BestLife via audio advice, along with other personal growth tools that have proven successful. "BestLife brings tried, tested and proven Personal Development technology within reach of millions throughout the world! It’s beautifully designed, fun and easy-to-use. While nothing can fully replace the magic of one-to-one sessions with a Personal Coach, the fact that this technology is in your pocket every day and everywhere, providing self-help tools 24/7 – is very powerful."

Linda’s guidance helps users focus on taking right actions to achieve their goals, feel happier and more fulfilled. This seems the perfect solution for those wanting to succeed with their making this their best year ever.

People are programmed to want a better life, so BestLife offers welcome relief to many who want their 2010 to be amazing. The app has users start their process with an evaluation of where they are. That assessment gives a starting point that can be measured and monitored for progress as time goes by. This provides focus, motivation and direction for change and improvement.

The BestLife app’s tools include guided visualizations to help with the effective setting of goals, a special notes area, the Wheel of Life for gauging progress with graph comparisons, as well as others meant to inspire, guide and motivate.

BestLife Features

  • Tried, tested and proven Personal Development technology
  • Beautifully designed interface, fun and easy-to-use
  • Provides self-help tools 24/7, at a tiny fraction of the cost of office visits
  • Linda’s advice audio for visualization
  • Goals section with Audio instruction from Linda, enables powerful emotional goals to be written down in a highly motivating and effective way
  • Wheel of Life for reviewing progress over time, giving amazing self-awareness and motivation, fast tracking starts here
  • For a limited time, free one-to-one Personal Success Consultation with Linda Allen upon request

It’s probably easiest to think of BestLife as a GPS for life improvement. This is one of seven self-help apps for this developer. The other BestCoach apps examine how to progress in each life area and set up a powerful and logical structure for your success. More are bound to be on the horizon, as there is no shortage of areas that we humans like to try and improve. At least with BestCoach products, the guidance is from professionals.

Currently, the developer is offering a FREE Success Consultation session with Linda Allen, for as long as it is feasible with Linda’s busy schedule. Users need to apply for the session, which is easily done through the link listed below.

Device Requirements:
iPhone or iPod Touch 3.0 or later

Pricing and Availability:
BestLife 1.1 is only $2.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Lifestyle category. Promo codes are available for qualified reviewers. Please specify the website or blog you represent when making your request.


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