Synology announces Disk Station Manager 2.3 Beta

Synology Inc. today announced the availability of its DiskStation Manager 2.3 (Synology DSM 2.3) beta which introduces brand new features like the Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR), EZ-Internet Wizard, shared folder encryption, backup to the cloud, new iPhone app and enhanced versions of File Station, Surveillance Station, Photo Station, Audio Station and more.

"The new Synology DSM 2.3 builds on the successes of Synology DSM 2.2 with the simple to use interface and streamlined application integration, resulting in an even greater DiskStation experience when the new Synology DSM 2.3 is installed", says Edward Lin, marketing director of Synology.

Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR) simplifies the RAID setup by optimizing the disk capacities with data protection when different sized hard drives are used. The new EZ-Internet Wizard simplifies the process of setting up access to the DiskStation from the Internet which includes firewall settings, PPPoE setup or DDNS registration, and router port forwarding configuration. The "Router Configuration" feature is also available from the management UI under "Internet Connection" category, which provides easy access to the port forwarding features.

Enhanced backup features ensure that critical data is safeguarded. AES 256-bit shared folder encryption is supported to ensure data security. In addition to "shared folders," sub-folder backup is now supported. The "NetBackup" shared folder can now be chosen as a backup source. Backing up to the cloud with the Amazon S3® service is now also supported. Additional new features include a new iPhone app, the Synology DS cam, which allows users of Surveillance Station to live view their IP cameras, take snapshots, and view recorded events with their iPhone or iPod touch®. DS cam is available to download for free at the Apple® App Store.

Updated versions of File Station, Surveillance Station, Photo Station, and Audio Station showcase new features and user interface to deliver an exceptional experience.

File Station 3

Local file browsing is supported for easy browsing and uploading of the local folders or files to the DiskStation with drag-n-drop actions, all from the browser.

Surveillance Station 4

1. 152 more IP camera models from Sony®, Mobotix®, JVC®, IQeye®, Edimax® and other brands are added to the support list, making the total over 330.
2. H.264 video format is supported. Intelligent PTZ now supports preset positions, patrol paths, and guard schedules on each camera.
3. E-Map is supported, which allows assigning an uploaded image to each live view layout, and the ability to deploy corresponding cameras or sub-maps to the image.
4. Enhanced user account privileges now allows not only specific privileges of each user (manager vs. spectator), but also which IP cameras each user can access.

Photo Station 4

1. Capability to browse photos with a photo wall or an image flow view.
2. Photo thumbnail sizes can be adjusted with a sliding bar when browsing photos.
3. Uploading photos and creating sub-folders through Photo Station UI.
4. Enhanced privilege control allows customizing which albums each user account can access or upload photos to.
5. Google map function is integrated, allowing browsing the location where the photo is taken.
6. 1024X768 blog layout is supported and 10 new banners are newly provided.
7. Photo Uploader utility is available in the new Synology Assistant to allow uploading photos and videos to the DiskStation with photo thumbnails and H.264 films pre-generated within the client computer. RAW image files are supported.

Audio Station 2

AJAX technology is utilized which allows browsing the music library by folder, album, artist or genre, and managing the playlist and the now-playing queue with right-clicks. Streaming music from other UPnP/DLNA media servers within LAN is supported.

Other key enhancements in the beta of DSM 2.3 Include:

1. New Volume Manager: RAID10, 3-way RAID 1, 4-way RAID 1 volume types are supported. Block-level iSCSI target is supported and provides faster performance of file transfers. RAID 5 to RAID 6 migration is supported.
2. Shared Folder Encryption: AES 256-bit shared folder encryption support ensures data security.
3. Backup Enhancements: Sub-folder level backup is now supported in addition to the existing "shared folder" level. NetBackup shared folder is supported to act as the backup source. This allows backing up the data sets from DiskStation A to DiskStation B, and from DiskStation B to DiskStation C, and so on. Amazon S3 is supported as a backup target in the cloud.
4. Download Station Enhancements: MegaUpload download with a premium account is supported.
5. Wake on LAN: Remotely turning on the DiskStation over the local area network or the Internet is supported. This feature is available for select DiskStation models only.


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