Fujitsu Introduces Fi-6800 – Next Generation Production Scanner

Industry’s Most Compact Production-Level Scanner Equipped with New Intelligent Scanning Features Designed to Automate "the Entire Scanning Process".

Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc., the market leader in document imaging scanners and services, today introduced the latest breakthrough in production-level scanning – the Fujitsu fi-6800. The latest mid-volume production scanner offers new intelligent features and functionality allowing customers to boost automation, productivity and efficiency throughout the entire scanning process. Additionally, the Fujitsu fi-6800 boasts the smallest footprint of any scanner in its class, allowing users to conveniently place the scanner in front-office environments.

The Fujitsu fi-6800 offers fast scanning speeds of 130 ppm / 260 ipm at 200 or 300 dpi (color, grayscale or monochrome), quiet operation for use in the front-office environment, a reliable paper-feed mechanism evolved from the company’s top-of-the-line Fujitsu fi-5900C scanner, paper and multi-feed protection functions that identify and tackle paper-feed problems before they happen to ensure maximum uptime, and a full suite of in-box software providing an outstanding return on investment. More details on the Fujitsu fi-6800’s key features include:

  • Intelligent Multi-Feed Function (iMFF): iMFF allows for instant detection of a multi-feed or multilayer document, such as taped-on receipts or sticky notes added to a document. This function transports the document that has caused the alert to the exit path of the scanner, and presents both the physical document as well as the scanned front and back side images to the user so they can decide whether rescanning is required.
  • Automatic Image Quality Checker (aIQC): For uninterrupted processing of document batches the aIQC virtually marks images with potential missing data, such as folded corners, and those that might show multi-feed incidences, allowing the user to then check through these earmarked images and either validate or re-scan to the same position in the image order.
  • Ease of Use: The fi-6800 has been designed with usability in mind allowing the user to conveniently adapt the scanner to their preferred processes and preferences. Scanner status and settings are presented and changed on an easy to navigate LCD panel, which can be programmed in seven different languages. The scanner’s simple yet sturdy construction and wide, easy to open cover allow for quick, obstacle-free cleaning and maintenance.
  • Automatic stacker: Output speed of paper is controlled to enhance stacking, keeping documents neat and orderly in the exit tray.
  • Compact design: The scanner’s small footprint (12.2" x 18.1” x 17.8") allows for convenient desktop placement in front-office environments. This design makes the fi-6800 the smallest document scanner in its class.
  • Full suite of software tools: The fi-6800 comes factory-equipped with Kofax VRS 4.5 Professional with enhanced bar code recognition, ScandAll PRO 1.8 with Connect to Microsoft SharePoint to enable document sharing and collaboration, Adobe Acrobat 9.0 Standard, and TWAIN and ISIS™ drivers. For more sophisticated capture requirements, the fi-6800 integrates seamlessly into Enterprise Content Management and Document Management solutions.
  • VRS hardware equipped: In addition to the Kofax VRS Professional software included with the new scanner, the fi-6800 comes equipped with the Kofax VRS 4.5 Color Graphics Adapter (CGA) board, providing users with excellent image processing functionality and performance.

The new Fujitsu fi-6800 mid-volume production scanner will be available in March through authorized resellers, VARs, and distributors including Cranel Imaging (a division of Cranel, Inc.), Ingram Micro, Inc., NewWave Technologies, Inc. and Tech Data Corporation. The scanner is priced at $19,995 (U.S. list). Visit the Fujitsu Website for more information on the new fi-6800 scanner or call, 1-888-425-8228.



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