Release of Facebook Application From Zoodak

Zoodak has just released the first Facebook application
that allows users to play fantasy stock trading within Facebook.
Zoodak’s Facebook application features all of the gaming and social
networking that has; players can make predictions, create a
portfolio, and apply knowledge all without having to leave Facebook or
complete a registration. Using a web-mail address book or Facebook
account, users can customize invitations and invite friends to play with

"Zoodak combines the concept of virtual stock trading,
market analysis, gaming and social networking in one easy-to-use and fun
environment," said Zoodak’s Chief Marketing Officer, Adrian Pena.
ZooStreet,’s social networking feature is one of Zoodak’s
biggest advantages over other stock market games. Players can access
this, along with all of the the other features on, including
the game, through the application on Zoodak’s Facebook page.
Zoodak’s Facebook application is the first online stock market game that
automatically logs players on to the site and allows them to engage
with the game directly from within Facebook. Instead of having to fill
in information on a registration page, the automatic registration gets
users immediately signed in, playing the game, and on their way to
winning cash prizes in tournaments.

Zoodak’s "Groups" feature is a
unique social media integration that engages users in an online
community where they can connect with other people through the
commonality of the group’s interests, and invite friends to join. Zoodak
enables users to converse with like-minded investors interested in
similar investing strategies.

Zoodak’s virtual stock market game
can enhance or replace the need for joining local investment groups. The
game and social networking allow players to generate valuable
information and share their trading knowledge that they can then apply
to their real-life portfolios. The shared knowledge is used not only to
win cash prizes in monthly online tournaments, many players use it to
play the real stock market because all of the stock trading prices and
quoting data on Zoodak are updated in real-time. "In the tournaments,
players can test strategies and see how they measure up against other
traders in the market, all while having the opportunity to make money at
a very low risk," said Pena.

Zoodak allows users to do more than
just play a game and chat with other players. It’s a place where real
conversations happen that garner real, valuable, stock market advice.
The collective knowledge of the social network is constantly growing, so
information is always fresh and relevant. Many heavy users also learn
market insights through the company’s articles in ZooStreet and postings
on Zoodak’s Facebook
and Twitter

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