Document Imaging & AP Routing Module From Foundation Software

Solution for contractors struggling to manage
their paper-driven processes has been released by Foundation
Software, producer of the award-winning FOUNDATION for
Windows construction accounting, project management
and scheduling software. Foundation’s Document Imaging & AP
Routing Module gives contractors the ability to scan, route, view,
approve, reject, or revise AP invoices and other important

“Eliminating the
unwieldy paper chase is just one benefit of Foundation’s Document
Imaging Module,” said Fred Ode, CEO and Chairman of Foundation
Software. “This technology is designed to automate the workflow of
project documentation, which helps to improve accuracy, reduce
processing time and eliminate costly bottlenecks.”

The Document
Imaging Module allows contractors to:

  • Scan images. In minutes, a
    mountain of paperwork is converted to electronic images, which attach
    directly to a job and/or invoice item within FOUNDATION.
  • Route to approvers. Using a
    built-in contact list, users select the project managers, controllers,
    or others who need to review invoices, and easily route documents for
    approval or revisions.
  • View pending documents. The
    customizable Daily Document Manager provides each user with a list of
    documents and their status. The system provides due-date notification
    and allows complete drill-down into job distribution, including access
    to the original scanned image.
  • Approve, reject or revise documents.
    With a single click, users can approve, reject or revise invoices, and
    re-route if necessary.
  • Improve efficiency and reduce errors.
    The automated process streamlines invoice handling between departments,
    increases accuracy and ensures timely payments to vendors.

“This automated process streamlines workflow between the office
and the field, putting an end to inefficient paper-based invoice
routing,” Ode said. “Suddenly, a contractor has 100% control over
invoice management and is realizing cost-saving advantages in
numerous areas – from reduced operating expenses to increased
supplier discounts,” Ode said.


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