Veenix Technologies releases TypeBook Creator 2.4

Veenix Technologies has announced TypeBook Creator 2.4, its highly acclaimed Macintosh font/type specimen book creation software for graphics professionals. The new version features an innovative new approach to font organization which sorts fonts by energy and ranks them using an associative color, making it easy to index fonts of similar weights and other characteristics. The new version also features "Quick Mix Suggestions" which allows the user to select a font and quickly see and print a list of fonts with similar characteristics.

Other new features include: the "Color-Energy Swatch Book" layout and "Modern Large" layout, as well as several new customization options. TypeBook Creator was recently recoded using Apple’s latest font and imaging technologies, Core Text, and presents a highly stable, seamless end-to-end solution for cataloging and printing large font collections.

Veenix TypeBook Creator was developed for Mac graphic professionals and allows them to easily create and print type specimen books and font sample sheets of their fonts. TypeBook Creator features precision automatic font categorization via Veenix’s GlyphLogicEngine smart font technology, 17 classic page layouts, numerous layout customization options and prints both active and inactive fonts.

Veenix’s embedded GlyphLogicEngine analyzes fonts as they are added to the database and organizes them by font energy-color as well as into one or more of the following optically-derivative categories: Text Fonts, Serif and Flare Fonts, Sans Serif Font, Picture, Script & Thematic Fonts, Condensed and Narrow Fonts, Expanded and Wide Fonts, Monospaced Fonts, Inline & Outline Fonts, Shadow & 3D Fonts, Initial, Drop & Small Caps Fonts, Expert and Fraction Fonts, and Math & Pi Fonts. The GlyphLogicEngine technology has a high degree of accuracy and saves hundreds of hours of manually classifying and indexing fonts.

TypeBook Creator’s specimen sheet layouts include: full ASCII character sets, color-energy swatch sheets, cascading point size sheets, body copy sheets, specimen briefs, typographical sizing slugs and numerous multi-font layouts.

Pricing and Availability:
Veenix TypeBook Creator is available as an immediate digital download and retails for $49.95 USD (Personal Single-User license) and $199.95 USD (Multi-User Studio Pro license.) More information and a free demo can be found at Veenix Technologies, USA.


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