Counter-strike: Source Update

As promised Valve have released a patch for Counter-strike: Source, a new terrorist model and map remake – cs_assualt – where expected, but along with it comes a huge number of changes and bug fixes, here are the highlights:

New Source remake of classic Counter-Strike map cs_assault
– New “Phoenix Connection” Terrorist model (replaces existing model)
– Many new player animations
– Spectators now hear weapon pickup sounds
– Extra pistol ammo no longer given at round restart
– Weaker flashbangs effects no longer cancel out stronger ones
– Fixed bug that would occasionally make player weapons disappear
– Low-violence death animations no longer float if the player dies while in the air

To view the rest check out the Steam news page, but thats it from me as I am about to and check it out! To do the same, just run Steam. News source: SteamPowered


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