Google Sold 80,000 Nexus one in a month

On 5 January, Google has created a stir by announcing the Nexus One, an Android smartphone designed and marketed by Google under its own brand. This strategy was an unprecedented reversal. Since the release of Android, Google has always preferred to provide the OS with different integrators market by offloading part of the whole material. Thus, the two first Android smartphones have emerged (Dream and Magic) have been marketed under the HTC brand.

With Google Nexus One, not only the phone is the Google brand, but in addition, it offers some nice little software innovations (animated wallpaper, for example). Early in the marketing, the mobile has not really encountered a storm (to put it mildly). Indeed, after a week of marketing, Google Nexus One found that 20,000 buyers, 12 times less than another Android Smartphone (the Droid Motorola Milestone in France) at its U.S. release. On January 15, Google reviewed its mobile costs down, but this has clearly not been enough to jump the number of sales.

Indeed, today we learned that a month after the release of Nexus One, Google has passed 80,000 copies of his phone. If you can not talk about fiasco, this figure seems still very low compared with sales figures of the competition and the upward trend of the market. A prestigious brand does not necessarily sell a terminal with the Nexus One, mobile users may be waiting more than a Smartphone course quality, but is still struggling to differentiate themselves from competition Android.


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