Upgradation of Moyea RTMP Stream and Video Search Plugin

Moyea Software Co., Ltd. a rising developer of flash applications for the internet and multimedia software, today officially announces the upgraded version V1.2 and V1.1 with optimized functions and new setting options for RTMP Stream and Video Search Plugin respectively.

Moyea RTMP Stream and Video Search Plugin are two useful plugins of Moyea Addons family. The former plugin enables users to create RTMP FLV player with Moyea Web Player to play live streaming videos, SMIL presentations and streaming videos from kinds of RTMP servers. While the latter plugin can perform the video search from video-sharing sites like YouTube, Video.Google etc and display the searching results and then play them in the customized flash video player on website.

Upgraded Features of Moyea RTMP and Video Search Plugin

New Moyea RTMP Plugin V1.2 is capable of:

1. Playing the complete streaming videos, including the last few seconds – in the previous version, it may be incompetent to play the last few seconds of streaming videos. However, the new version this time can play the streaming videos completely from the very beginning to the end.

New Moyea Video Search Plugin V1.1 is capable of:

1. Relating the video search with controlbar – “Relevant with Controlbar” option creates a certain interaction between searching performance and play action. It will auto-return to the searching result during video playback when clicking “Stop”, accordingly, it will auto-minimize when clicking “Play”.

2. Keeping the searching result list visible while minimizing – aiming to provide clear and convenient video browsing and navigating, the newly added “ Do not Hide List when minimizing ” option will remain the searching result visible even the searching panel is minimized.

3. Hiding automatically during the playback of added advertisement – just appear at the right time! The plugin won’t interfere with the added advertisements in order to ensure a better ad presentation.

4. Disabling plugin duplication – in order to avoid the confusion of having two plugins alike, only one video search plugin can be added and surely can serve the customers better in this way. Kindly note that it has to work with Moyea Web Player V2.3.0.3 and up versions to implement this function.

Price and Availability of Moyea RTMP and Video Search Plugin

Moyea RTMP Plugin is totally free to use and can be downloaded via the below link. Video search plugin also has a free trial version but with a watermark hyperlinked to Moyea website. Just pay a little extra to remove the watermark and enjoy the lifelong updates and prior technical supports.

System Requirement of Moyea RTMP and Video Search Plugin

Those two plugins occupy hardly any space and work well with Moyea Web Player V2.0 and up versions under Windows 7 and Windows XP/2000/NT/Vista.


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