Google to Launch Voice Translation to mobile phones

The speech translation instant customary films science fiction may soon become reality. Google actually working on software for mobile phone capable of translating a foreign language on the fly. Two speakers from different backgrounds and may speak in their mother tongues, their phone acting as a multilingual interpreter.

To do this, the sprawling company relies on existing technology that operates and which are already available to the public. The future technology effectively combines speech recognition technology house, to use the search form to vote by the machine translation technology, available to Internet users but also used for the translation of subtitles on YouTube.

It remains to improve the accuracy of these two technologies and to develop a speech technology to the task. "We believe that the speech translation should be able to function satisfactorily in a few years," said Franz Och, head of the division of Google language tools, the English website of The Times.

It recognizes that speech recognition is difficult because "everyone has a voice, accent and intonation own. "But the accuracy should be more effective than a mobile phone is personal. The phone should already be familiar with your voice, thanks to previous research voice for example. As for the translation, Google can count on the billions of pages indexed in multiple languages, and all those who treat the same topics in the news in particular, to improve the effectiveness of its technology.

Google hopes to launch its translation technology on the fly in two years, although some researchers in linguistics are less optimistic.


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