Crysis 2 expected by the end of 2010

Very discreet, Crytek and Electronic Arts have still not communicated on Crysis 2. It will soon be time to do so especially if the title is scheduled for this year.

Crysis 2

Few presented in terms of images, Crysis 2 is a game for the moment very unclear. The latest visual as we come from a German magazine, for which Crytek had offered the exclusive rights to broadcast images. There were then the world of Crysis 2, transported to the occasion in full New York, thus learning at the same time that this new adventure is decidedly urban.

Electronic Arts used its financial meeting again to discuss his next title, without indulging in the profusion of detail. The information is not of lesser importance, since it concerns the date of the title. So can we now expect Crysis 2 between October and December 2010. And on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, without any delay between platforms.

Crysis 2


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